ITSU Inspire

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Inspired by the world’s luxurious supercars, ITSU Sensei Inspire combines the streamlined aerodynamic design with ergonomic seating comfort to deliver the ultimate professional massage experience. With just a push of the button and the roaring sound of ignition will excite your senses for an exhilarating ride of relaxation.

Key points

  • Pioneer AI Fitness Tracker Technology
  • Mobile App Control Interface (Support iOS & Android Mobile Devices)
  • 45 Fully Auto Programs
  • Smart Scan Detection & Analysis
  • 4 Detection Methods
  • 3 Adjustable Shoulder Heights & Widths
  • Dual-Level Heat Massage
  • Integrated air compression massage with 68 Airbags
  • Hand Reflexology Massage
  • Leg & Foot Reflexology Massage
  • Roller Massage for the Palms & Soles
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Quick-Touch Buttons
  • 10W Wireless Mobile Charger
  • 4 Languages Options
  • Space-Saving Design

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Dimension (LXWXH):

Non-tilting (L x W x H): 1570 x 820 x 1210mm

Tilting(L x W x H): 1810 x 820 x 945mm


Body: Nett Weight: 84kg / Gross Weight: 97kg
Side Plate: Nett Weight: 36kg / Gross Weight: 45.5kg
Head Cover: Nett Weight: 25kg / Gross Weight: 27.5kg